Quick Take Review: Blue Key World Cable Clip Organizer

Quick Take Review: Blue Key World Cable Clip Organizer

Blue Key World Cable Clip Organizer

Daniel W. Rasmus



Blue Key World Cable Clip Organizer: They do just what they say they do. Stick them to a surface and place a cable in the opening to get it out of the way.


I have a few cable clip organizers stuck on various surfaces around my home, including a glass-topped nightstand and the footing of my monitor stand.

I want to place more of them around because they work. Most of my charging cables, however, hang out around my desk, a nice piece of furniture. I have no desire to stick adhesives to the wood.

So while the clip organizers work, they have limited functionality based on what you have around to stick them to.

But they work. And if you need a way to randomly organize cables this a good solution. I like them better than multi-cable solutions. Those take up too much room and are not flexible to varying arrays of cables. With the Blue Key World Cable Clip Organizers you decide configuration and alignment.

One other request: make the opening slightly smaller. I have a pair of headphones that charge via a standard mini auto cable. That cable slips right through the hole.

Blue Key World Cable Clip Organizer

Cable Clip Organizer Key Features:

  • Keeps desk area organized more most types of cables.
  • Works on walls, plastics, woods, glass, metal, rubber, and other surfaces.
  • Seconds to install

Blue Key World Cable Clip Organizer was provided for review purposes. Images courtesy of Blue Key World.

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Daniel W. Rasmus

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