Review: CleanMyMac X—The Best Way to Outsource MacOS Maintenance

Review: CleanMyMac X—The Best Way to Outsource MacOS Maintenance

Product: CleanMyMac X

Publisher: MacPaw

Price: $39.95/1 year/1 Mac (for more pricing options, click here)

Outsource MacOS Maintenance to CleanMyMac X

Every time Apple comes out with a new version of Mac OS there are a few pieces of software I want day one, and key among those is CleanMyMac.

And MacPaw delivers, in my experience, ahead of Apple, so my machine is ready to leverage the new update.

In the early days of computing, I didn’t mind being the expert who knew where Apple of Microsoft hid things or abandoned them. Want to make a quick friend in the office, spend a few minutes to make their computer run faster by deleting a few things. But like everything else in the world, operating systems have become so complex no one really knows all their ins and outs. I outsource that expertise to MacPaw.

The most important role CleanMyMac plays is that of removing junk. The company also calls this digital detritus junk. Plain language is another indicator that the CleanMyMac team gets it. How hard is it to remove the junk? Click a button. Yep, just one button. The UI presents a list of results, just one more click and they all get resolved. CleanMyMac covers system junk, photo junk, iTunes junk, and unnecessary mail attachments. And yes, it even empties that neglected trash bin.

But you guessed, that’s not all. CleanMyMac X also removes Malware, removes browsing history and browser autofills to improve privacy, and deletes chat history in apps like Messages and Skype. I use the Malware feature, but as a knowledge management expert I balance privacy against history, so I choose to keep historical content, just in case.

CleanMyMac can also perform a wide variety of optimization and maintenance tasks from optimizing harddisks, to freeing up RAM, forcing Spotlight to reindex, repairing disk permissions, and flushing DNS Cache. It can also check for apps that require updates, help manage extensions, completely remove apps by uninstalling them rather than just throwing away an app icon.

And if you have some time on your hands, CleanMyMac will also present you with a list of large and old files to comb through to save disk space. You need to curate, CleanMyMac identifies candidate files.

Finally, if you want some files shredded beyond the possibility of recovery, there is a feature for that as well.

CleanMyMac also delivers a menubar app for a quick overview of system status.

From maintaining disk health to keeping junk out of your system to ensuring the safety of your local information, ClearnMyMac X does it all with aplomb.


I own many productivity tools, but only one software crutch and it is CleanMyMac X. I tend not to worry about the guts of MacOS because MacPaw has my back. Highly recommended for all Mac owners.

MacPaw provided a copy of CleanMyMac X for this review. I was a paying customer for over a decade before this version.

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Daniel W. Rasmus

Daniel W. Rasmus, Founder and Principal Analyst of Serious Insights, is an internationally recognized speaker on the future of work and education. He is the author of several books, including Listening to the Future and Management by Design.

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