Quick Take Review: Native Union Drop Wireless Charger 

Quick Take Review: Native Union Drop Wireless Charger 

Product: Native Union Drop Wireless Charger

Price: $59.99

Native Union has a great design team. Their Drop Wireless Charger combines a non-slip silicon treaded pad with an aircraft-grade aluminum housing to produce a very attractive charger. 

Native Union didn’t stop with good looks. The 10W Qi-certified charger includes special circuitry to control the temperature so you won’t face an overheated phone–even though they deliver one of the fastest charging solutions on the market.

A 6.5 foot long high-quality USB-C to USB-A cable accompanies the Drop Wireless Charger in its all recyclable packaging. The charger works effectively through cases up to 3mm thick.

With dimensions of 3.5-by-3.5 inches the Drop Wireless Charger takes up very little desk space, but like all wireless chargers, it still needs a cable to connect it to a power source. This means you need to place it near an outlet and accommodate the cord. Once plugged in, charging initiates by simply sitting the phone on the charger. A rubber ring on the bottom of the housing keeps the charging puck in place.

The charger comes in dark grey and a rose goldish versions.

Native Union Drop: Bottom Line

With the Drop Wireless Charger, Native Union has delivered an attractive, functional and well-made wireless charger that turns topping off your iPhone or Android device battery a mini experience.

Pros: Small, fast, attractive—and fits with most decors. 

Cons: None to speak of.

Buy recommendation: Highly recommended buy.

Native Union provided the Drop Wireless Charger for review.

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