Review:  Disney’s Striped Mickey Mouse Hard Sided Luggage Set (3-Piece)

Review:  Disney’s Striped Mickey Mouse Hard Sided Luggage Set (3-Piece)

Disney's Striped Mickey Mouse Hard Sided Luggage Set (3-Piece)

Striped Mickey Mouse Hard Sided Luggage…Anyone who has ever visited Disneyland or Walt Disney World knows Disney-oriented everything pervades clothing, glasses, rings, shoes, necklaces, hats, and luggage.

I recently reviewed the FŪL Crosby under-seat roller which serves as a regular companion now on my shorter trips. When we were discussing reviews, they asked about my travel profile and I shared the upcoming 10-Day Walt Disney World visit. So with the review Crosby, a set of Mickey Mouse luggage arrived.

Until this luggage arrived the family did not own any fully hard-backed luggage. I tried a couple in the past, but it cracked on first use and was promptly returned.

The Striped Mickey luggage arrived like nested Russian dolls: a 29-inch spinner, a 25-inch bag, and a 21-inch spinner carryon packed one in another. The bags feature aluminum telescoping handles, top and side carry handles, expandable gussets for increasing capacity, all supported by the sturdy ABS plastic case.

I was hoping Mickey required higher standards than my discount hard-sided luggage, and my hopes were fulfilled.

It’s all in the bag

The FŪL Striped Mickey Mouse Hard Sided Luggage presents cavernous openings without much obstruction. They include netting and a pocket to accommodate wet clothing. But for the most part, they are just huge openings. A zippered divider with slim pockets keeps the sides separated while built-in straps compress clothing and keep travel stuff secured.

We fit most of our clothing and accessories for the Disney trip into this luggage, though we had three going so Mickey found himself complemented by a nice red Briggs & Riley roller.

The 21-inch carry-on offered a variation from the other rollers with its external USB port. Inside, the carry-on sits a pocket with a USB connector, ready to accept any battery with a USB power port. I used the MyCharge HubMax Universal as it served as a battery for this port, but also acted as the primary battery for my travels around the Magic Kingdom and beyond. This was used more than once while waiting around the airport in Orlando.

Traveling with Disney’s Striped Mickey Mouse Hard Sided Luggage

The Mickey luggage did its job. All the pieces arrived in one piece, with all the wheels still spinning. The bags carried a very full load, hitting near capacity at 50lbs for the 29-inch bag, which wore a “heavy” tag from the airline.

We unpacked into the closet and dressers, so the bags sat unused during the trip, save the carry-on, which became the tech tool kit container where all many of cable, charger, and adapter resided.

Bottomline for the Striped Mickey Mouse Hard Sided Luggage

We traveled. We looked like Disney fans when we left. When we returned, we still looked like Disney fans, just a bit worn after the ten-day excursion left us with sore legs, a jammed toe, and a family member still recovering from the flu. And the FŪL Striped Mickey luggage arrived much the same way, still working but a little worse for wear, a scuff here, a scratch there. We will clean them up before the next trip.

The one downside appears to be that FŪL discontinued this bag. It can still be found but availability will continue to dwindle. The company does, however, offer similar bags with new external styling. The latest products can be found here.

Product Dimensions

21”: 21” x 14” x 14”
25”: 25” x 15.5” x 11”
29”: 29” x 17” x 12.5”

Note: FŪL provided the Disney’s Striped Mickey Mouse Hard Sided Luggage Set (3-Piece) for review.

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