Review: MyCharge HubMax Universal Portable Charger

Review: MyCharge HubMax Universal Portable Charger

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The Case for the MyCharge HubMax Universal Portable Charger

from MyCharge

If you have ever found yourself on a trip fumbling in a bag for a cord to power up a phone or tablet from a battery then the MyCharge HubMax is for you. If you have ever found yourself on a trip plugging in a cable to a dead extra battery then the myCharge HubMax is for you.

Let me state one more qualifier. If you own Apple devices, of the Lightning or USB-C variety, or if you have a USB-A charging solution for a device, almost any device, then the myCharge HubMax is for you.

What is so magical about this battery? Well, it isn’t magic. But it is a magical design. The battery and charging combo comes with its own prongs for charging with support for up to 240VAC. It will work worldwide with an adapter. The HubMax sprouts USB-C and Lightning cables from its side, connected and ready to charge a device of choice. USB-C built-in means this is a once and future battery. What about micro-USB? It also sports a standard USB-A out, so anything with a USB cable will take a charge off this battery. It will charge three devices at the same time with 3.4A of shared power. Some pretty magical features. Think about all the cables and chargers you won’t have to carry when you deploy the HubMax as the primary charging solution.

Worried about overcharging with a third party charger? MyCharge has been manufacturing batteries for a while. Their Smart Sense circuit keeps track of the charge cycle so it’s compatible with most devices. They also employ their own Safe Cell technology to safeguard the 10050mAh battery. Oh, and it comes pre-charged, ready to charge your stuff.

What we like

Sometimes rechargeable batteries that plug into the wall do so awkwardly. Over time, gravity pulls on them. They sag. Then they disconnect from the power source. Not the case with the HubMax Universal. Not only does it fit snuggly in the wall with a design that shores it up against the pull of gravity, it does so with a design that leaves plenty of room above for something else to be plugged into the same standard outlet. It may not fit as nicely in a power strip depending on the receptacle spacing, but for standard wall plugs it works great.

The battery will charge a standard phone around five or six times. Recharging a dead iPad 12.9 may take it down a notch, but then you get to use a big iPad for an extra day.

The cables are cleverly tucked away, making it very convenient to access when needed. The cables are long enough to reach most ports with the battery laying flat.

MyCharge offers a 1-year manufacturers warranty on the charging solution.

What we don’t like

For those seeking light and flat, the 2.8 x 0.9 x 4.6 inch myCharge HubMax Universal may prove too bulky.

The charging cables can be a bit short in some circumstances. When charging an iPad Pro 12.9 in landscape mode, the cables aren’t long enough to allow the battery to completely sit on a surface without putting some strain on the cable. It doesn’t really dangle, but neither does it find a footing. The cables appear of high enough quality this should not cause an issue with the cable or the connector.

I applaud MyCharge for exterior packaging that is all paper beside the plastic hanger, which can easily be removed before recycling. I ding the box designers, however, for not specifying recyclable plastic for the interior container. I looked all over and could not find a recycling symbol on the blister pack.

Bottom line

I don’t usually travel overly light. A mid-weight battery doesn’t bother me. I’d rather have the power I need than a diminutive battery that fits nicely in a pocket but doesn’t provide enough juice. The MyCharge HubMax Universal Portable Charger fits in the “right weight” category for most outings that include a bag of some sort. The combination of prongs for charging, built-in cables, great power storage, and a solid design aesthetic make this battery the near-ideal travel companion. The HubMax Universal would also be a good device to plug in the next time a storm warning flashes on The Weather Channel.

The MyCharge HubMax Universal Portable Charger was provided to Serious Insights for evaluation and review purposes.

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