Review: Hex® Alloy Logic Backpack Reflective Grey Camo. A business backpack in a leisure suit.

Review: Hex® Alloy Logic Backpack Reflective Grey Camo. A business backpack in a leisure suit.

Hex® Alloy Logic Backpack



The 17″ H x 11.5″ W x 4.5″ D Hex® Alloy Logic Backpack Reflective Grey Camo has one major problem: its name is way too long for good SEO titles. As a business backpack, however, it ticks all the right marks. $79.95 MSRP.


The Hex® Alloy Logic Backpack Reflective Grey Camo houses a serious business backpack in a reflective surface, water-resistant container.

What makes the Hex® Alloy Logic Backpack a business backpack?

Let me first explain what differentiates a business backpack from a casual or consumer backpack. It recognizes the existence of other luggage. This backpack includes a strap that allows it to fit over the handle of even large roller bags without stretching or pulling.

The wide strap won’t lead to the backpack fighting momentum and flipping around the handle, causing that awkward halt on the journey from gate to gate.

Hex® Alloy Logic Backpack Reflective Grey Camo luggage strap

Other exterior features

The unique camo exterior glows when exposed to a camera flash—more importantly, it reflects light, making the seemingly black, light absorbent bag a good companion when walking at night. In the daylight, it shimmers.

The water-resistant exterior makes a bag a good choice in wet climates. Leather zipper pulls and the sculpted top enhances the business-ready styling.

Side pockets snuggle up against both sides of the Alloy Logic, offering a home to water bottles or travel umbrellas. Some may not like that the side pockets don’t stretch, but they do give to the interior, making them less likely to snag or wear out as elastic mesh pockets often do.

A non-skid bottom rounds out the exterior features.

Packing things into the Hex® Alloy Logic Backpack

The Hex® Alloy Logic Backpack features a large zippered general compartment. It isn’t segmented or overly designed. The compartment just offers spacious accommodations for chargers and cords, tripods, and other larger items that won’t fit easily against the organizer section of the bag.

That organizer section proves somewhat spartan compared to many bags with their many pockets interiors, and other pockets with pockets. But it has room for what you likely need. My Alloy Logic easily accommodated USB-C cables, a SanDisk drive, a mobile mouse, and a USB-C hub. Unlike the overly compartmentalized bags, while the constraints force choices, they also make it very easy to find a needed component quickly. The organization area also includes two pen sleeves.

Hex® Alloy Logic Backpack Reflective Grey Camo packing shot

The interior also sports a 15-inch compatible faux fur padded compartment for a notebook or large tablet, as well as an unpadded sleeve for a tablet.

The only zippered compartment on the front offers the same padded faux fur as the internal compartment. It will hold a phone or small tablet, or last-minute items like a wallet and keys that may need a home at a security check.

The well-designed interior derives from 100% recycled poly making the Alloy Logic an eco-friendly choice as well as a utilitarian one.

The Alloy Logic does not include a clasp for keeping keys or USB sticks from depending into the interior pockets

Keep the packing tip: The Alloy Logic arrives foam pieces in the bottom of the main compartment. I kept the foam pieces in place to add extra cushioning to the bottom of the bag. It’s a volume versus protection call depending on what you carry. I find most of my damage history comes from me slamming a case down rather than side or top damage from bumping into things. So, keep that bottom foam packing should you need to transport something delicate or fragile in the main compartment.

Hex® Alloy Logic Backpack: The Bottom Line

At first glance the Hex® Alloy Logic Backpack might look like a leisure backpack, but it shouts business backpack under close examination. The well-designed interior complements a rugged and functional exterior. The inclusion of the luggage strap makes it an ideal complement for business trips, easily moved from back to roller bag.

The Hex® Alloy Logic Backpack was provided to Serious Insights for review purposes. Images courtesy of Hex.

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