Review: Ricoh Theta SC2. 360-degree photos and videos for all.

Review: Ricoh Theta SC2. 360-degree photos and videos for all.

Ricoh Theta SC2



The Theta SC2 sits at the bottom of Ricoh’s Theta line, but the consumer-focused device still offers 360-degree still images and 4K video. The package includes a charging cable and soft case. Supports a standard tripod mount. Fun colors. Would like to see a more integrated app experience (control and editing combined).


The author’s workspace in 360-degrees shot with the Theta SC2.

This is where the analyst magic happens. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

A full review will be coming soon. We wanted to get our initial thoughts up in time for the 2020 Holiday Gift Guide. Check back for additional insights over the coming weeks.

Ricoh provided the product on loan for review.

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