Review: Rocat ELO x Stereo. Great economical wired cross-platform gamer headphones.

Review: Rocat ELO x Stereo. Great economical wired cross-platform gamer headphones.

Rocat ELO x Stereo



Good basic gaming headphones. Comfortable to wear. Removable microphone. Works on any device with a standard audio port (adapter for L/R audio included). Memory foam earcups and on-ear controls. Rotating hinges allow the headset to lay flat. They sound like they should cost more than $49.95 (or less depending on the sale. See the live Amazon ad for the latest price.


Solid gamer headphones that do double-duty for conference calls and video conferences.

Light-weight with a steel frame that makes them more durable than all plastic headphones. A slef-adjust metal headband makes the Rocat ELO x Stereo easy to wear, as do the memory foam ear cups, which I wish were a bit more open. Rotating hinges allow owners to place the headphones flat on a surface.

The Rocat TruSpeak Microphone picks up your voice clearly if yelling at an opponent, coordinating with an assault team, or just presenting to your team. the bendable microphone can be removed when listening only.

50mm neodymium drivers deliver balanced stereo that’s good enough for the subtleties of jazz and raw enough for the searing bass of Cyberpunk 2077. Speaker frequency response runs 20Hz to 29KHz.

And these can include the ProSpecs™ Glasses Friendly Design that makes it easy to remove and replace your glasses during use.

On-ear controls make it easy to adjust volume without resorting to an app or to OS controls.

The Rocat ELO x Stereo will work on any device that has a 3.5mm audio input, ideal a combo for the microphone to work.

I found the Rocat ELO x Stereo easy to wear all day, though the long days of video conferencing lean me more toward wireless solutions to encourage not being tethered to a device.

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