Review: Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2

Review: Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2



Gaming headset that will also support WFH scenarios. Leans more into gaming with both design and features. Loaded controls include microphone volume which may help in some business conferencing situations. Snug on the ear with the not overly large earcups. Sound is great for video or audio conferencing. Requires a dongle for PCs. Uses Microsoft’s connection protocol for Xbox.


Those working from home (WHF) or learning from home (LFM) will appreciate the $99 Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 for their wireless sound, solid microphone, and price. Gamers will like them because they work with everything.

What we like

Color and style. Ice white accessories always seem somehow cooler than other options, at least to me—though the headphones also come in black,  and black and green in the Xbox version. Regardless of color, these look like gamer headphones, which is great for gamers, but perhaps even cooler during a conference video.

Wireless. Although virtually tethered to a proprietary dongle, wireless remains wireless, an essential feature in work from home, and learn from home scenarios.

The earcups. The mesh fabric cups sit light on the ear, with some venting to support people with glasses, and to keep airflow moving to cool down the close quarters. Overall we found them comfortable for hours of wear.

Microphone. The Stealth 600s deliver solid sound pickup in a design that folds the microphone into the headset for mute. Unlike many headsets, the Stealth 600s designers sought to keep the microphone out of the way when not in use–and unlike removable microphone, not easy to misplace. Independent volume on the microphone also aids in gameplay..

Sound. The headphones carried the high notes above an even bass. Those interested in tweaking the sound can use the EQ presets for bass boost, a bass and treble boost, and vocal boost. Not really intended to enhance general music listening, but perhaps useful in some game situations.

Construction. Although most of the Stealth 600 construction involves plastic, the headset does not fell cheap, and the hinges appear plenty strong for extending meetings or game play.

Microsoft Xbox fans, and those with PCs sporting Xbox tech, will like the built-in dongle-less Xbox pairing feature of the Xbox version.

The battery. All day battery means several hours of chatting over the likes of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, or Google Meet. Worry not. The Stealth 600 Gen 2 headsets, on a full charge, will take you to a day, perhaps two, without worrying about a charge.

As with many headphones from Turtle Beach, the Stealth 600 jump into their registered superhuman hearing mode at a tap of the power button to enhance pops, ticks, quiver draws, gun cocking, and footsteps in games (not so useful in a Zoom meeting).

What could be improved

Wireless, but not Bluetooth. For gamers, improved sound reliability from a dongle remains a desired feature, but for most business and education use, Bluetooth compatibility opens ports for other features—most importantly, Bluetooth also means support for phones and tablets that can’t manage dongles.

Cups could be bigger.  While the ear cups expand on the Gen 1 model, they don’t come close to the HyperX Cloud II’s ear immersion design. Less over-the-eear coverage, along with the fabric limit noise isolation.

Downloadable software doesn’t do much to enhance the experience. No lighting options or sound profiles, just downloads for firmware updates.

The bottom-line

For people seeking a good, affordable wireless headset, WFH, LFH, or gaming, will find the Stealth 600 Gen 2 a serviceable option. Owners will not be disappointed with the price/value equation.

When using with a PC, choose the version based on their game console of choice. Both PlayStation and Xbox versions will work with a PC, albeit with different dongles. 

Turtle Beach provided the product for review.

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