tomtoc bags for iPad Pro 12.9: Quality and Innovative Protection for Your Most Expensive Toy

tomtoc bags for iPad Pro 12.9: Quality and Innovative Protection for Your Most Expensive Toy

iPad Pro 12.9 shoulder bag



A bag designed with the iPad Pro 12.9 in mind. Exceptional protection with room for most accessories. The tomtoc iPad Pro 12.9 shoulder bag’s snug design may not fit all third-party keyboard cases but should accommodate most configurations. Owners need not worry about dropping their precious iPad when properly stored in this excellent shoulder bag.


tomtoc bags for iPad Pro 12.9 review

I ran across tomtoc bags when browsing Instagram. I was intrigued that the bags were device-specific. Most bags compromise when they try to accommodate a range of sizes. The precision of fit makes both the case and the bag ideal companions for the iPad Pro. The bag offers a tight fit and solid protection features that should bring peace of mind to its owners.

What we like

Protection. That is a word that aptly describes the $49.99 tomtoc 12.9 iPad Pro bag.  The interior pouch embraces the iPad Pro in plush fabric, snuggly holding it against the forces of nature. Once place inside this luxurious enclosure, one needs to negotiate the iPad aware from its bedding. The patented “corner armor” can’t be seen, but it can be felt. Once zipped in this should bag makes it appear the iPad could be tossed down a cliff and it would survive. Tomtoc makes no such claims, but the layers of protection offer confidence that I don’t have in more universally designed iPads or small notebook computers bags.

tomtoc bags should bag for iPad Pro 12.9 interior.
The cushy lining of the tomtoc shoulder bag protects the iPad Pro 12.9 from damage.

This tomtoc bag is first and foremost a protective shoulder bag for the iPad Pro, but it also houses a front compartment that accepts most, if not all accessories associated with the iPad. I recently walked around Emerald City Comic-Con with an arsenal of iPad accessories that included a power supply, a charging cable, a power bank, a mouse, a cleaning cloth, Bluetooth earbuds, and a USB-C hub.  The tomtoc bag offered plenty of pockets, open and zippered, to accommodate these items.

The Cordura® fabric exterior of tomtoc’s bag feels stiff and impenetrable to most casual bumps, abrasions, or punctures, and its quality YKK zippers look to last for a long time.

The bag includes a shoulder strap that attaches to two Cordura loops, as well as a handle. Because of the iPad Pro’s thin design and the compactness of this bag, it will easily fit in a backpack for those who want to carry more than their iPad.

Each bag arrives with a nice set of tags chained to it, including a unique serial number and QR code for support. should buyers experience issues.  tomtoc offers a 24-month warranty on this outstanding bag.

What could be improved

As much as the bag is ideal for an iPad Pro, it is less ideal for an iPad Pro with a third-party keyboard. I did not test it with Apple’s Magic Keyboard or Folio (which the company claims it handles well), but I found it a bit too snug for my Zagg Pro Keys. I would suggest that tomtoc consider a full-length open pouch on the back of the bag that could hold either a keyboard, like the Logitech Keys-to-Go Ultra Slim Keyboard or alternatively, passports or vaccination cards, along with tickets. I would not suggest they increase the interior size as the bag’s snug fit differentiates the bag.

Although the Cordura loops used to attach the shoulder strap will probably hold up, I would prefer a more robust attachment point. But this is a minor issue that won’t likely arise unless the strap gets snagged on something during airport security screening machine.

tomtoc bags iPad Pro 12.9 should bag: the bottom line

If you are looking for a bag designed for an iPad Pro that offers the ultimate in protection with room to handle most of your accessories, then the tomtoc bags 12.9 iPad Pro shoulder bag will likely prove itself time and again as the perfect fit.

Portfolio Case for iPad Pro 12.9



A well-constructed and functional case that provides ample storage for an iPad Pro, its keyboard, and almost any combination of accessories you can imagine. Designed to fit into most bags or backpacks. A solid handle makes it easy to carry by itself or extract it from another bag.


If you don’t need a shoulder bag, and want a little more room for your iPad Pro, its keyboard, and other kit, then consider the $42.99 tomtoc Portfolio case for iPad Pro 12.9. This water-resistant EVA hard shell is complemented by a microfiber lining. It is big enough to hold an iPad Pro with a Magic Keyboard. Mesh pockets and elastic loops provide adaptive storage options.

Unlike the should bag, this is a case intended more for travel within a larger bag or backpack, though I wouldn’t mind a way to attach the case externally, for instance, to a small roller bag.

I really like that this case offers a complete solution for iPad Pro owners taking their expensive tablet on a trip. It provides full protection and ample room for everything you need, all neatly organized and accessible.

tomtoc provided the iPad Pro 12.9 bag and case for review. tomtoc bag Images courtesy of tomtoc.

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