Twelve South Curve SE: Instantly Elevate Notebook Computing to a 10 With This Classy Stand

Twelve South Curve SE: Instantly Elevate Notebook Computing to a 10 With This Classy Stand

Twelve South Curve SE



The well-engineered Curve SE MacBook stand infuses elegance into any setting, while gently repositioning the computer to a better angle for work or pleasure.


The $59.99 Twelve South Curve SE delivers a beautifully engineered white stand that elevates MacBooks above a desk, and the stand against all its more complicated competitors. 

What we like

The Curve SE’s clean design fits into modern decors but doesn’t disrupt more traditional furnishings. The single piece of well-sculpted metal sits at the right level (6-inches about a surface) to transform MacBook use from a heads-down experience to an eye-level one.

Raising the Mac creates space for a keyboard and mouse to hide under the computer.

Silicon anti-slip pads keep MacBooks firmly planted, while the same material on the bottom of the stand keeps it in place on a surface. The silicon surfaces also help prevent computer and surface scratches. Slightly upturned ends to the Curve’s terminating edges further restrain computers from succumbing to the force of gravity. The open design also enhances airflow, keeping hardware computers cooler.

Twelve South Curve SE up close.

Twelve South machines the Curve SE’s edges to epic smoothness and coats the entire span in silky white.

What could be improved

The Twelve South Curve SE was designed with a singular intent: elevate and angle a MacBook to improve comfort, and by doing so, productivity. Twelve South sells adjustable stands, like the HiRise. So if you want something other than what the Curve SE offers, buy one of those stands. 

As for the Curve SE, there is nothing that requires improvement.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that many of travel USB-C hubs assume MacBooks that sit flush on a surface. That means they are designed with short cables tied directly to the hub. These hubs will dangle in space when used with the Curve. Twelve South considered this, and sells their StayGo USB-C hub with two lengths of USB-C cabling, one for travel tucked into the hub, and another longer one for desktop use.

Twelve South Curve SE: The Bottom Line

The Twelve South Curve SE brings a minimalist design to MacBook stands. It is a perfectly executed piece of engineering that verges on art. It will create a more workable space anywhere you deploy your MacBook.

The Curve, without the SE post-fix also comes in matte black.

Twelve South provided the Curve SE for review. All images courtesy of Twelve South.

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