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How Microsoft Should Redefine it’s Tablet Strategy

My first review of a Tablet PC was posted this morning at Tablet PC Magazine. I looked at the Dell Inspiron Duo. The hardware was solid, but was missing a few key features (like video out). The real problem was Windows 7. Windows 7 is not designed for touch on a high resolution screen. You.

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HP Breaking the Redmond Dependency–A Tale of Two Strategies, Two Futures

Nokia’s Stephen Elop is getting some grief for his choice of Windows to fuel his company’s new SmartPhones. (see Grief and disbelief greet Elop’s Nokia revolution)  Over at HP, CEO Apotheker is dumping Microsoft in favor of its own OS (Global CIO: HP Mobile Dump Of Microsoft Is Brilliant). These are two strategic visions heading.

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8 Things Every CIO Should be Prepared for in 2011

It’s time for an end of year list, and this year, I’m directing mine toward CIOs. If you aren’t a CIO, remember that snowballs roll downhill, so please read the list and be prepared to negotiate your role in these transformations. These changes aren’t just about technology. They point to shifts in hiring, and the.

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