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Master the art of distributed work

Collaboration and knowledge management vendors have always suggested that software will one day allow people to work from anywhere at any time.

With the recent global disruption of traditional work and the forced movement of many people to work from home (#WFH), their vision has become a reality.

Unfortunately, not every organization was ready to get the most out of their remote workers. In many cases, organizations found their people were undertrained, that they had too many collaboration tools, and that issues so easily resolved with a quick meeting now require new approaches to resolution.

Collaboration Advisory Services

The Serious Insights team has been helping individuals and organizations make the most of collaboration for over  30 years. Leverage our knowledge to improve team productivity, to keep people engaged, and to reignite innovation.

  • Rationalize an existing collaboration architecture or help with collaboration tool selection
  • Develop and document collaborative processes
  • Create a distributed work information architecture
  • Facilitate distributed worker objectives
  • Design incentives and rewards for distributed workers
  • Capture and codify remote work management practices

KM Advisory Services

Serious Insights has been on the leading edge of knowledge management since the 1990s. Daniel W. Rasmus analyzed the KM market at Forrester Research and managed KM initiatives at Hughes Aircraft. He served as the CKO of Forrester Research subsidiary The Giga Information Group and led thought leadership marketing for Microsoft’s Office business unit.

  • Knowledge assessment
  • Knowledge management coaching and advisory
  • Knowledge management keynotes and presentations (internal)
  • Technology evaluation
  • KM process development
  • Customer knowledge and knowledge-based marketing
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Knowledge-based innovation
  • Strategy and scenario planning

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