Kindle Fire First Looks

Kindle Fire First Looks

Before 8am this morning a rather directed FedEx car showed up at the house to deliver a new Kindle Fire HD evaluation unit.  So far, I am impressed. The 7 inch unit is light, bright and clear. It came pre-configured with my Amazon account, so music, video and books in the Amazon Cloud were all there. The books section was blank until I search for a book I knew I owned and downloaded it. When I returned to “books” , my library had arrived.  I’ve also managed to activate my digital subscription to People.

The device sports good stereo sound and well hidden buttons that don’t mar its rubbery exterior. Two ports, one for charging and syncing (micro-USB)  and the other, a micro-HDMI port for video out. I purchased a micro-HDMI for an early HTC tablet review so I’m apparently set with this.

I took images of the entire box opening experience, which included a cardboard zipper, and not much else. The experience was clean and easy, with no plastic wrapping or other seemingly non-recyclable elements.  I wish all packaging was this easy and eco-friendly.

Here are the images from the box opening experience:

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