Modula5 Wireless Charging System Review: a Magnificent Way to Charge Wireless Devices

Modula5 Wireless Charging System Review: a Magnificent Way to Charge Wireless Devices

Modula5 Wireless Charging System



An innovative, mix-and-match modular charging system that supports up to 5 phones and 7 total devices. RapidX looks at charging solutions through new eyes and reinvented wireless charging. Good engineering and solid accessories (like power supply and cable) contribute to the overall Modula5 quality. Slightly lower features rating as the MagSafe module wasn’t available at review time.


Modula5 Wireless Charging System

Some products are so simple that they do not require deep reviews. They simply work as advertised, reflect solid engineering and quality manufacturing. Such is the Modula5 Wireless Charging System from RapidX.

A few weeks ago, just as I was leaving my home for my first trip in 20 months, a package arrived. I opened it, and it was the 2 pod Modula5 bundle and a watch pod from RapidX. I removed the power supply, cable, and watch pod and placed them in my bag. Because of other charging solutions, I had not packed a standard Apple Watch charger. Both of my Apple Watch chargers live (tied up with) charging systems that require deconstruction before packing. So I left Apple’s chargers in place and packed my Belkin Apple Watch Vallet Charger battery to top off my watch. The Modula5 in my bag increased my charging options. I never used the battery.

The Modula5 Apple Watch module charged my watch reliably for a week. No issues. No drama. Just a charged watch when I needed it. Many companies struggle to differentiate themselves in the Qi charger space. How much, after all, can designers do to innovate on a charging puck? RapidX leaped, and Modula5 offers their answer to that question.

What we like

As its name suggests, the Modula5 system comes as a set of modules. Modula5 pods can be purchased as a single phone pod, a single watch pod, or as a bundle of phone pods of a phone pod and watch pod. The modules snap together magnetically. Daisy chain up to 7 modules (only 5 can charge phones at a time) to create a charging juggernaut.

But you don’t need to start with all five modules. Each module includes its own input. If you don’t need a module, then leave it behind. One cable serves them all. A green light indicates charging on a module. RapidX sells modules in singles and bundles. Higher wattage power supplies are required to increase the number of modules.

RapidX reports that the company plans to ship a MagSafe version, but a flat surface serves an iPhone 12 just fine, even if the Modula5 doesn’t prop it up at an angle (or allow it to dangle at the end of the charger).

The AppleWatch pod comes with a USB-A to USB-C braided cable. The built-in charging puck replaces Apple’s and likely accounts for the significant difference in price between the Qi charging module ($29) and the Apple Watch module ($59). Unlike Apple’s charger, the Modula5 module includes a hinge that supports Apple Watch’s nightstand feature.

RapidX also bundles its modules, with a 2 Phone Pod and 30W adapter running $79.99, and a 1 phone, one watch bundle for $99.99. 65W power adapters run $34.99. The higher output adapter is suggested to support more than 3 phones.

Overall, RapidX delivered innovation with style. Some reviewers didn’t find the design exciting. That it fits everywhere should be considered a positive feature, not a flaw. And unlike some solutions with fixed stations for headphones, a watch, and a phone, the Modula5 system easily adjusts to charge the products you own.

RapidX Modula5 Charging system with 2 phone charging modules.

What could be improved

I found little need for improvement. The fabric braided cables and 30-watt power supply appear to be of superior quality. The modules work well in any configuration. I was able to charge various devices, from headphones to phones to my Apple Watch, mixing and matching the modules with ease. I would also like to see the USB-A to USB-C cable included in the core package. It’s a great cable, and there may be times that I don’t want to use the RapidX power supply, which means changing power cables when the source isn’t USB-C (say, a USB port in a hotel room).

My only caution, and it isn’t a direct issue with the product: keep it on a flat surface (and away from the children). The magnetic connections need to connect. Uneven surfaces or incautious hands might sever the magnetic connection, and thus the power, between modules.

Modula5 requires some space. Other devices with more vertical and horizontal orientation take up less room to charge three devices than the Modula5 system. That isn’t a complaint, just a point of comparison to products like the Mophie Wireless Charging Stand+.

Modula5 Wireless Charging System: The Bottom Line

The RapidX Modula5 Wireless Charging System offers a reliable, expandable system for charging most wireless devices owned not just by a person but by a family. The light build, great quality, and the number of options will make the Modula5 my travel companion going forward. Now I just have to go somewhere!

RapidX provided the Modula5 Wireless Charging System for review. Images courtesy of RapidX.

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