QuickTake Review: ToughTested ROC 10000mAh Wireless Solar Power Bank — A Battery for All Seasons

QuickTake Review: ToughTested ROC 10000mAh Wireless Solar Power Bank — A Battery for All Seasons

ToughTested ROC 10,000mAh Wireless Solar Power Bank Overview

Note: During the summer of 2020, like many things, this battery stopped working. It was left in bright sun and did not charge fully, and finally, it stopped charging even from an charging block. I cannot say that other owners will experience the same thing, but for me, the battery proved less than tough over the long haul.

Backup batteries come in all shapes and sizes. Most of them focus on delivering a bit a power when need to any device via an open USB-A port. Some bigger batteries support charging multiple devices with more than one port. Others include built-in cables for various devices, most commonly Apple’s Lightning, micro-USB or USB-C or some combination of those. The $59.99 ToughTested ROC 10000mAh Wireless Solar Power Bank does most of that and much more, stepping up the battery game without rounding up the bulk.

ToughTested ROC 1000MAH Wireless Solar Power Bank - front-back

First off, the ROC includes 2 USB and 1 USB-C port. That means charging up to three devices at a time. Keep in mind that three devices will charge more slowly than one, but three ports may also make owners popular at a conference as people seek out a wall plug to sit near.

But then the ROC gets very interesting. It also supports Qi wireless charging. Yep, just lay a phone atop the battery and charging commences.

And then, a solar panel. That’s right, no need to seek a wall socket. Just sit the ROC on a table while you eat lunch to top off the battery. On a full charge, the ROC will extend the useful life of various devices by up to 36 hours, which is about 4 charges for an average smartphone.

But there is more. The ROC, being from ToughTested also rates an IP65 protection rating for water and dust.

The ROC also includes an LED flashlight.

ToughTested ROC 1000MAH Wireless Solar Power Bank flashlight

The box comes complete with a USB-A to C Armor-Flex charging cable for charging the ROC. ToughTested included their 4-foot-long 3-in-1 cable with USB-C, Micro-USB and MFI certified Lightning support to demonstrate more charging options. Both cables feel likely to outlast whatever devices they end up charging.

The ToughTested cables feel likely to outlast whatever devices they end up charging.

And finally, ToughTested wraps this the ROC with a 5-year warranty, which means ToughTested stands behind their battery’s tough exterior and its electronics.

What would make it better?

Not much. It’s a pretty complete solution.

The inclusion of some kind of attachment opening like the one on its 16,000mAh cousin would allow the solar panel to absorb radiation while walking. Another option would be MOLLE support. I just hate to see all that sunlight falling on a backpack with this battery riding inside the dark interior rather than leveraging the sun to remain fully charged.

A 3-in-1 cable in the box would also offer more charging flexibility and less cable corraling. This suggestion would require a little package redesign but could be implemented quickly.

To turn the ROC into a truly competitive juggernaut, ToughTested should consider the addition of prongs and a charging circuit to round out the battery’s utility for indoor and outdoor applications.

These suggestions might add up to an entirely new product, but they would take an already differentiated product to the next level.


The ToughTested ROC 10000mAh Wireless Solar Power Bank is a battery for all seasons. Its size and weight (.8lbs) make it competitive with lesser chargers that only offer the basics. The ROC’s rugged design, Qi wireless charging, USB-C support, and solar charging puts this battery in a class of its own.

Images courtesy of ToughTested. The ROC and the 3-in-1 cable were supplied by ToughTested for review purposes.

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