USC Develops Quantum Computer Encased In A Diamond

USC Develops Quantum Computer Encased In A Diamond

This is the kind of story that should get the attention of workforce development people. Sure, the technology is years away, but think about the skills and knowledge required if this becomes a reality. Traditional electronics theory, techniques and many aspects of manufacturing and assembly fall away if you start to speculate on how to productionize this technology and what skills it would require to scale it. Whenever you see an article or post about an emergent technology, take a few minutes to consider what it would take to make that technology as real and as ubiquitous as the iPhone, and then ask if we are preparing ourselves, our students or our learning institutions to take advantage of that technology should it mature. Those who creative adaptive and responsive personal learning styles, and institutions who encourage and nurture those styles will be highly valuable in an uncertain future—especially a future where the uncertainty is positive not negative.

Read the USC press release here:

BTW: I wonder what Neal Stephenson thinks of this? The author of The Diamond Age wrote about a world dominated by the FEED and its nanotechnology incarnations. You can’t get much more nano than this—and it is inside a diamond.  For more on The Diamond Age, click the link below for the Amazon page.

The Diamond Age: Or, a Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer (Bantam Spectra Book)

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