Organization Next Workshop Follow-up. The Anne Arkie Persona. #e2conf #organizationnext

Organization Next Workshop Follow-up. The Anne Arkie Persona. #e2conf #organizationnext

This is the last installment of the Enterprise 2.0 Organization Next personas. These stories recognize my interpretation of the data provided by conference attendees. The stories are intended to provide a sense of the scenario constraints, and how the constraints of that future shape the people and their behaviors based on the four contexts provided.

Anne Arkie

Falling Skies

imageAnne looks up through the fringe on her hat at the man standing before her. He doesn’t look good. Even worse, he doesn’t look familiar.

“The names James. Hugo James.”

“Well Mr. James, what can I do for you.”

“I hear you are the town’s talent coordinator. I have some talent that needs coordinating.”

He coughs.

“You alright Mr. James?”

“Sure, just a little cold. I sure miss Nyquil.”

“Don’t we all. Nothing like Nyquil and an extra shot Jack to put a cold away”

“Where did you say your were from?”

“I didn’t, but Kennewick. Marshall suggested I come up here.”

“I like Marshall. Always looking out for other people. He has a good eye for honest talent. So what is your talent Mr. James?”

“Textile manufacturing.”

“Really? You think we need a cloth maker?”

“Do you have cotton and wool?”

“We do.”

“Then you need a cloth maker. I need a factory. My father taught me how to make my own looms and spinners. I think I can add value. Looks like you could use some new pants.”

“Don’t go worrying about my pants Mr. James. If you can do what you say you can do, we can certainly use you. The warehouse stores are all pretty empty. How would like to be paid?”

photo“Room and board would be great. Access to books.”

“OK then.”

Anne reaches inside her blouse. Mr. James looks a little nervous. She brings out a stethoscope.

“Let me listen to that chest of yours. I want to make sure your little cold doesn’t become pneumonia. I can treat a cold, pneumonia is harder.”

“I thought you were the talent coordinator?”

“I am, but these days, one job isn’t enough.”

“What other talents do you have Mr. James?”

Daniel W. Rasmus

Daniel W. Rasmus, Founder and Principal Analyst of Serious Insights, is an internationally recognized speaker on the future of work and education. He is the author of several books, including Listening to the Future and Management by Design.

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