CES 2022 Personal Safety and Security Technology: Ready to Find, Block, and Protect

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CES 2022 Personal Safety and Security Technology: Ready to Find, Block, and Protect

CES 2022 Personal Safety and Security Technology

This post may be updated as we continue to sift through CES press releases. Some products may not have prices as they are not yet available.

Chipolo Card Spot


CES 2022 Personal Safety and Security Technology Chipolo CARD

Have you ever misplaced your wallet? With Chipolo’s Apple Find My compatible Chipolo CARD Spot 9 (starting at $35), you can easily find your ID, money, and credit cards. Very thin (2.4mm) to snuggly fit among all the other stuff in your wallet. The 105dB alert makes it easy to hear. Chipolo claims a 2-year battery life. And it looks to work just as well for those who opt for folios, purses, or bags over wallets. The CARD is IPX5 rated for water resistance.

Pozio Listening Blocker Cradle


Pozio’s KickStart Video explains the concept.

Want to block your phone from always listening? Drop it in a$109 Cradle Blocker and you’re protected. Pozio helps keep your conversations private. All Cradle models include fast charging. blocking and charging all in one. The sub-audible blocker listens for a command to turn off the “jamming” sound and allow your voice to reach your device. They work with phones and smart speakers like Amazon’s Echo.

RoboForm Password Manager


CES 2022 Personal Safety and Security Technology RoboForm

Those looking for a cross-platform password manager may want to consider RoboForm, a freemium password manager that captures passwords, secures them, and makes them easily accessible. The Everywhere version must be purchased to sync across devices, receive cloud backups, access the system through the web, and other features.

Yubico YubiKey


The YubiKey 5 Series multi-protocol security keys eliminate account takeovers by securing legacy and modern systems. The series provides a range of authentication choices including strong two-factor, multi-factor, and passwordless authentication, along with seamless touch-to-sign. They also offer the YubiKey Bio Series with additional biometric protections.

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