mEdge Recon Review: Military Grade Cool up at iPhone Life

mEdge Recon Review: Military Grade Cool up at iPhone Life

When I first opened the samples from the mEdge team, I was a little thrown by a green iPad case, its heavy, olive-colored nylon case covered in loops, and what to most people who have seen it, matching olive-colored carpet.  The case waited in line and kept kind of slipping down the testing queue.

But now, surprisingly, the M-Edge Reconhas become a very common home for my iPad, which is pretty good if you consider the competition it has for iPad coverage attention.

First of all, this case is all military, or seemingly military. I’ve outfitted mine with a couple of Star Fleet emblems to make it look more legit, at least in the 24th-Century.  Unlike some cases that come with a minimalized, stay out of the way vibe, the Recon is all up in your face.


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