Connected Vehicles Report: Observations and Recommendations on a Stalled Experiment

Connected Vehicles Report: Observations and Recommendations on a Stalled Experiment


The Serious Insights Connected Vehicles Report: Observations and Recommendations on a Stalled Experiment as a downloadable PDF.


In this Connected Vehicles Report, Serious Insights Principal Analyst Daniel W. Rasmus outlines the current state of the connected vehicle market and its potential. His extensive research examines business cases that include autonomous data use, consent-based scenarios, and those that help manufacturers design better vehicles and experiences. Beyond use cases, Rasmus defines a connected vehicle ecosystem that creates a holistic approach to data use and partnerships aimed at breaking down the silos built into today’s fragmented market. The report offers frank advice to OEMs, start-ups, and to connected vehicle data customers. It makes a call for standards, and for more collaboration among the market participants. If you are new to the connected vehicle market or looking to understand how to move beyond the frustrations you face as a member of that market, this is the report for you.

Table of Contents

  • A Lack of Vision
  • The Use Case Conundrum
  • Toward Solutions
  • The Connected Vehicle Ecosystem
  • 10 Recommendations for Connected Vehicle Data OEMs and Manufacturers
  • 10 Recommendations for Connected Vehicle Data Start-ups
  • 10 Recommendations for Connected Vehicle Data Customers
  • Navigating an Uncertain Future
  • A Way Forward


54 pages

Delivered as an Adobe DRM PDF via EditionGuard.

Who should buy this report?

Manufacturers and OEMs

The report outlines many of the strategies and practices that constrain market growth. How non-systematic approaches and micromanagement are harming every entrant into the market—and the myopia of organizations trying to drive revenue against a backdrop of risk aversion, lack of vision, and a non-customer centric approach to the market. There are great benefits to be had from connected vehicle data, and today’s piecemeal attempts at building a market make promises like smart cities and meaningful user experiences further away than they need to be.

Connected Vehicle Start-ups

As OEMs open up their data troves, many start-up companies are coming in to bring the data to market. Unfortunately, they are adding to the fragmentation by parting with only select OEMs, and delivering only narrow lenses through the data. It’s time for the start-ups to manage up, share the customer voice with the OEMs—and for their investors to drive mergers and acquisitions that offer a more rationalize, consolidated market better able to not just build value propositions, but to deliver on them.

Connected Vehicle Data Customers

Use this report to get prepared for working with OEMs and connected vehicle data vendors. It’s a new market, but there is no reason you can take charge of the data and experiences what you need to create safer journeys, better-managed cities, customer experiences, and more fluid traffic.  

Daniel W. Rasmus

Daniel W. Rasmus, Founder and Principal Analyst of Serious Insights, is an internationally recognized speaker on the future of work and education. He is the author of several books, including Listening to the Future and Management by Design.

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