Star Wars ‘Jakku Spy’ Brings VR to Star Wars Promotion

Star Wars 'Jakku Spy'

Star Wars ‘Jakku Spy’ Brings VR to Star Wars Promotion

Star Wars 'Jakku Spy'
Star Wars ‘Jakku Spy’ Screen Capture from iPhone 6 ‘Star Wars’ App

Star Wars ‘Jakku Spy’ comes to the very little screen in VR

ILM Labs, through the Star Wars App, has delivered a VR experience for iOS and Android. I just downloaded that content to my iPhone 6. It was short, but ran well, had a good frame rate and delivered a compelling little vignette. I watching it in VR via the Zeiss VR One.

Marketing is a business use for VR, even though the marketing, in this case, is entertainment related. I think we will see VR, at least for awhile, be the new sticky platform for some types of marketing engagements. It will be important that just having VR not be the point, but that the VR experience add something of interest, and be of high quality. People will loose interest very quickly if they put on a headset and they aren’t wowed.

Watching the legendary yellow lettered story scroll against a starry background emerge on the screen (by tilting down), having the Millennium Falcon shoot by under attack, and having BB8 roll up to deliver a message, looked great in this very short experience. ILM Labs is releasing new “messages” from “Jakku Spy” every couple of days. Hopefully each will be inventive standalones.

BTW, the experience also works with the accelerometer and gyroscope on iPhone even if you don’t have a Google Cardboard equivalent. Move the phone around to explore.

Downside: as good as Apple’s screens are, the screen-door effect is very evident. And because the UI is built for cardboard, it relies on pointing your head to make choices (or turning the phone if not using a headset).

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