Review: TikiTunes Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Party with a Tiki Torch that won’t scorch.

Review: TikiTunes Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Party with a Tiki Torch that won’t scorch.

TikiTunes Portable Bluetooth Speaker



The TikiTunes Portable Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker brings solid beats to the party with lighting effects that mimic a tiki torch, without the potential scorch. Pairs with a second TikiTunes for more distributed sound. 1-year warranty.


TikiTunes Review: I promised fun coming out of CES, and here is a good example. The Tikitunes Portable Bluetooth Speaker from Limitless Innovations has no business being in an office, but neither does a pink flamingo or a plush Chewbacca, but you have probably seen both. So a Bluetooth speaker that that puts off Tiki vibes will find a home in the office. But it will more likely find a home at an outdoor BBQ.

This may well be a must-have for a collection where technology meets recreation

TikiTunes Review. TikiTunes spekaer on pole.

What we like

Good sound. Easy to pair. Two will connect for more distributed sound (find the 2-pack here). It even comes with a 1/4-20 threaded insertion at the bottom for connecting to a stand, a pole, or a tripod.

Bluetooth 5.0 means better sound and better connectivity. The source can be up to 30 feet away from the speaker.

TitiTunes cranks out sounds for up to 6-hours on its 2000 mAh rechargeable battery. And with an IP65 rating it will do its duty in the desert or by the pool (and of course, The 5-watt speaker will hold up to office work, even amid Pop-Tart dust and spit takes of Diet Pepsi.

But the real value proposition comes from the mesmerizing artificial flames that flicker and stroll behind the “protective” cage. It’s just fun.

The value rating is cranked to a five because, unlike many Bluetooth speakers, this one comes with a 1-year warranty.

What could be improved

My only complaint comes in the rubber flap over the micro-USB charging port (which should be USB-C at this point). I had to really finesse it to get it to seal. The seal aids with the water resistance, so it should seal better. Owners need to take the time to mash down the flap before they get their TikiTune too close to the splash zone.

TikiTunes: The Bottom Line

Like many novelty Bluetooth speakers, TikiTunes is a nice to have, not a must-have. Well, that isn’t entirely true. If you drink Pepsi Zero out of a Yoda Tiki Mug or hold late-night vigils while cranking the Doors over S’Mores, then this may well be a must-have for a collection where technology meets recreation.

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